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A properly fitting bike is essential to getting the most out of your bike. Whether you're looking for a more aerodynamic position for racing or a more comfortable position on your rides, a bike fit will help you ride longer and with less chance of injury. Eric has over 20 years of bike fitting experience and can you help you get the most out of your triathlon, road, or mountain bike.

Who should get a bike fit? Anyone who has a bike! A properly fitting bike will allow you to ride longer and avoid injury

What to bring: Your bike, bike shoes, and cycling shorts

What to expect: Your bike will be put on the trainer and Eric will assses your current ride position. You will then be on and off your bike for the next hour while Eric makes adjustments. Come prepared to discuss any injuries or comfort issues you've experienced on your bike.

After your bike fit, if anything feels off or uncomfortable in the next 12 months, you can come back in for free adjustments. 

Bike fits must be scheduled in advance. Please plan on 1.5- 2.5 hours for the entire fit.

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